Pension Rudolph

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The host family

All members oft the Hämmerle family share a passion for sports and nature.
So if you don´t find them in the house, they are of course - outside.


... likes to be out in nature. In winter cross-country skiing and skiing, her favourite sport to practice in summer: countless meters of altitude on the mountain.

Guest care from the inquiry to the table, service, housekeeping, decor and especially desserts are her passion.


... also enjoys being out in nature. E-bike "cruising" as he says , fly fishing on the mountain lakes and skiing in winter.

The householder's second favourite hobby is - cooking.

Our boys

MichaelAlessandro and Luca have always been active in sports since they were infants. This results in the top sport they live.

Always busy, they are rarely found in the house, but they always come home again.